We have been working with local and state health care organizations to provide our staff and volunteers information on how to stay healthy and what to do if they become sick. We have a back-up plan developed for each community if our staff or volunteers become sick so services will be able to continue. Drivers drop off meals outside doors to be picked up by those receiving them so no physical contact is made.

​Community Cooperation

Congregate dining shut down at all locations in March, as the Governor of Minnesota directed. The facilities where we have commercial kitchens to prepare most of our meals, have allowed us to continue to use their kitchens even though they are closed to the public. The businesses we contract with to prepare some of our meals, with the exception of 2, have continued to provide meals. Volunteers have stepped up to help deliver meals in every community. In some communities we have a waiting list of people wanting to help. The response of the communities has been amazing!

​Current Services

With direction from the Minnesota Board on Aging, Dancing Sky Area Agency on Aging and local health departments, we have adjusted our services. We have implemented the following services so seniors, in our service area, can continue to get the meals they need:

1.  Congregate diners can come to the centers to pick up their meals. If they are unable to pick them up, we will deliver them to their homes.

2.  Home Delivered Meal recipients will continue to get meals delivered to them as they have in the past.

3.  Between 2-5 frozen meals have been offered to be used in case of an emergency.

4.  We are offering 2 meals per day for those who request them.


All staff and volunteers are committed to providing the much-needed services we offer!

We will get through this and get back to our normal services soon.

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Our senior meal programs provide home delivered meals, congregate dining and elderly waivered/alternative care

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