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NSI is a non-profit, founded in 1996 by Larry and Michele Kroeger in Waseca, MN. Our sole purpose is to provide the senior meal programs (congregate dining, home delivered meals and elderly waivered/alternative care) in the 9 counties that make up Region 4. NSI provides no other services or meal programs in other areas. We focus 100% on providing excellent meal programs solely in Region 4. Our management team, consisting of 5 people, has a combined 95 years experience in operating the senior meal programs in Region 4. Our caring and exceptional dining site staff average 8 years experience at their dining sites and look forward to serving you!


NSI has operated the senior meal programs in Region 4 since 1999 (24 years).  The programs have been great successes. According to satisfaction surveys, 98% of our customers were happy with our service in 2023.  Our extensive staff experience and the fact that we focus 100% on the Region 4 programs are a big factor in our exceptional success.

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